Give Me Something I’m Bored To Death

“I got an ultracet today from the doctor at work.”

“Who cares, ultracet sucks.”

Krist and me laughed at her. “Well it’s ok if you don’t have a tolerance,” I bullshitted. Of course I had to keep a straight face. One time I got her and another one of my less opiate oriented friends to go in on some morphine and I got a good discount and gave her and my other friend a morphine and ultracets and kept the rest of the morphine for myself. Not having tolerance to opiates seems so strange and foreign but I still remember when I could get high from only a couple pills. The cocktail of pills I take now would have killed me back then.

I ordered some Kratom that I want to capsulize and sell to friends for $5 a dose, making back all the money and then some. The junky businessman. Once I get some money I can start building LED glasses that blink to a certain frequency. It works on the same principle as the dreamachine. I wanted to build an EEG machine but that seems too dangerous. The plans I have don’t go by industry standards but if I used fiber optic cables I could lessen the chance of frying my brain.

For several days I’ve been out of anything opiate related. All I can do is drink and smoke weed till I run into something. I need to move to a place with a methadone clinic, one that doesn’t care if you smoke marijuana. I look like a sick and dying monster and I walk through the city like a ghost. There’s nothing interesting to do but you can always watch Star Wars. At least there is a chance I’ll be going to NYC Friday, maybe the week won’t be so fucking boring after all.

Life is stale without opiates.

2 Responses to “Give Me Something I’m Bored To Death”

  1. Philip Hentell Says:

    Dude, its so random that I come across your blog. I live in LA and I’ve been going to Mexico almost every month and a half for the last two years getting 50cents a pill for tramadol. That is until about nine months ago when a budy of mine started hooking me up with some relatively pure morphine sulphate. When I first started smoking these morphine nugs off tin foil (not pharm pills mind you but these wierd brown nuggets- it might even be H, don’t know for sure) I was taking at least 10-12 trams a day just to maintain. After chasing the first hit I had foung a new love and I sent tramadol to dumpsville using the tram only when the nugs were in short supply. But low and behold in my ever increasing quest for that euphoric blanket of warmth and relaxation rendering one invulnerable to all physical and emotional pain past and present, my tolerance skyrocketed to the point where I need to take two oxycontin 80mg just to stave off the sickness and maybe get a mild buzz- although oxycodone never really did it for me for some reason– I suppose nature knows best.
    I’d been maintaining on a combination of OCs and trams for the past couple days when I came across information on Kratom on the web. I ordered some 10x extract and I figured I should look up more info on it just for kicks when I found your blog. I can’t find anyone who had vaporized the kratom off tin foil- kind of ghetto I know but seriously effective- at least with the shit I’ve been smoking. I’m told with morphine if you actually technically “smoke” it by setting it on fire you destroy most of the morphine – hence the tin foil – I want to know if the same is true for Kratom cuz if it iz then you could potentially seriously increase the potency of Krat, maybe.
    Anyway, long story short life isn’t just stale without opiates, its fucking unbearable. FYI you can order tramadol over the net at some places for about 1.29 cent per pill. When I lived in Berkeley CA I used to sell the pills and just say it was vicodin for 5$ a pill to make a little pocket money. A cheap swindle I know, but shit, I did the research and went through the trouble to find the shit and lie on the internet questionaire to get the prescription so i figure I deserve a little profit – I’m always surprised at how many people don’t know about ultram.
    Uh, sorry for the long post its just nice to see someone who feels similarly about opiates-in my opinion the only evidence of the existence of a higher intelligence in the universe – which I guess would make the DEA tantamount to the Church of Satan. Given that all of my friends think I’m a drugged out freak (except for my dealer of course) and I live with my dad who hasn’t a clue its difficult for me to share my opiate experiences with others. If there is a heaven then its probably got and unlimited supply of H and loads of clean gear.

  2. Boo Radley Says:

    Philip took his own life on January 11, 2006.
    Today would have been his 27th birthday.

    He was a beautiful person. Smart, funny, talented. Now he’s gone. What a waste.

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