Cold Water Extraction

Cold Water Extraction the PK Way

If you have Tylenol 3s you will only need to use 13 or 14 and you can eat 10 of them safely. Actually you could probably get away eating all of them and not get any bad Tylenol effects. If you have Tylenol 4s you don’t even need to cold water extract for any reason, just take 6 or 7 of them. Now if you got some of those OTC Tylenol with codeine they only have 8mg per tablet, so that means 50 of them equals one 400mg codeine dose. You can eat like 10 or a bit more without worrying about Tylenol poisoning, but you are only getting 80-100something milligrams of codeine. The highest dose of codeine you can take is a little over 400mg, that is the most codeine that can be metabolized at once by your liver. If you go a lot over 400mg you are just going to get really itchy and it won’t add to it in a good way.

So take the other 40 or 30something codeines and crush them up into fine powder. Get a tall glass of warm water and mix the powder in the water really good. It should look very cloudy, almost white. Put the glass in the freezer or refrigerator and leave it there for a half hour or a little bit longer, or 20 minutes if you can’t fucking wait. Now either get another glass and get a funnel and put a coffee filter over the unused glass with a rubber band and empty the codeine water into it. Or you can be lazy and drink the water out with a straw, just don’t disturb the Tylenol that has settled at the bottom. When you are all done you can take the Tylenol that was at the bottom and put it in warm water and repeat the process, there is still some codeine that did not absorb.

If you like my opiated recipes for destruction, wait till I post my kratom and poppyseed experiments hahaha.

Troy’s girlfriend called me up one morning and it was a surprise, a good surprise. 20 2mg hydromorphones. What a fucking great day it was. I don’t think I’ve had such good luck in a long time. She only charged a few bucks each for them. So that day I got to it and took the usual potentiators and took 40mg methadone, wore 2 100mcg fentanyl patches, one 50mcg patch, and shot 4 2mg dilaudids and 1 bag of heroin. I was so happy, what a great day. After the shot I ate the remaining gel in a 75mcg patch I found.

Hydromorphone gives a rush that is better than heroin, but it doesn’t last that long. Some 4 and 8mg pills can fetch up to 30 bucks a piece. If dilaudid, fentanyl, and oxymorphone are all legal to use in medicine in the US, why not heroin? The UK and other countries still use heroin medicinally, why not the US? Because politicians think they are doctors. Heroin is wrongly demonized, it is a great analgesic.


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  1. butterfly Says:

    Loved the opiated recipe for destruction, I will have to try that one. You had great “high” regimen going on. BUTTERFLY

  2. KEl Says:

    Thanks PK, I have a bit of work to do. Anyway I was chatting with Soma and he was/is a RN for hospice. Anyway he mentioned that the best cocktails for terminal patients used in europe all have heroin in them. It’s a same our dying do not get the relief they deserve. You would enjoy chatting with him, wonderful knowledge of pharmaceuticals.

  3. seedless Says:

    A moment of awed silence for that holiest of narcotic grails: the Brompton’s Cocktail, a made-to-order elixir named for the fun-loving London hospice where it was first concocted. A typical cocktail decanted for the dying at a nursing home in England in the mid-’70s reportedly comprised “heroin, cocaine, gin and phenothiazine, a tranquilizer, all mixed in with a chloroform-water base.” Death, where is thy sting?

    I dont believe its used anymore…

  4. mary Says:

    Wanna little laugh..go here:

    then click on the Brompton’s Cocktail in the add.

    That’s what Brompton’s Cocktail is…mmm mmm good!

    always enjoy the read..

  5. canada Says:

    some say the placibo effect is almost stronger than any drug your addicted to. all codiene pills in canada are prescription only.

  6. paregoric kid Says:

    are you fucking nuts? it’s OTC, over the counter. you do not need a prescription. I went to Niagra Falls, Ontario myself and bought a bottle. tylenol 2s, 3s, 4s, and syrups require a script but codeine is legal over the counter if it has caffeine and one other ingredient, usually tylenol or aspirin.

  7. morphinated Says:

    Heroin IS a great analgesic. Even better than morphine. Oh yeah, and paregoric kid is right. codeine is legal OTC in canada. Britain too I beleive. Sorry canada boy but the placebo affect doesn’t shake the shivers- only the medicine can do that. If you don’t believe me short H every day for six months and then stop and see what you think of the placebo affect then.

  8. skbrn Says:

    Cool site. I’m sorta a newbie, and I have a few questions: has anyone heard of making a tea out of the Duragesic (Fentanyl patches)? My dad is on them for a chronic pain thing, and I use his patches after he’s done with them. I usually just split them open and soak them in water to make a tea. I’ve eaten the gel directly, but for me making the tea makes the stuff last longer. Anyway, I use cool water, and I wonder if I’m doing it right. I’ve tried hot water before but it doesn’t seem to work as well. Has anyone else tried this? If so, what method(s) have you used?

    Also, I know this is probably stupid, but can you get any OTC meds that make you feel good too, here in the United States? For some reason I have it in my mind that our lovely feds have tied up everything so that you have to get a script for it, but I could be very wrong. Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

  9. steelheadwayne Says:

    Im from Canada and I have bought the the OTC tylenol/codeine pills easily. The only drawback is you have to ask a pharmacist for them (looked one day forever for them before it became apparent man).
    I’ve done the extraction too but its hard to do cause it clogs the filters up when its left up to gravity. I use a buchner funnel and filter paper and a vacuum pump to make it easier but not many have such shit lying around (from my meth days).
    Also for those with legal scripts its much cheaper up here. I could get 120 40mg oxycontins for just over 200 bucks. Lucky for me i get mine for free.
    Like your posts PK…….PEACE…….Wayne….

  10. Alex Says:

    hey I work in a pharmacy in Canada, and it’s interesting to hear all of this stuff on drugs, how to attain them, and the such. Having a disposal program at my pharmacy, finding drugs from patients who no longer need them or who have stopped their treatments is a breeze, usually once per week I see drugs that are abusable and have street value. such examples ive seen recently include: ritalin (methylphenidate), oxycodone, tylenol 3s, and assorted benzodiazepines (drugs like valium, etc).
    Myself not an experimenter of drugs, am wondering if theres anything I should be looking out for in particular, not necessarily a drug with euphoric potential, but perhaps simply something that could be fun to use? (ie: a hypnotic or tranquilizer)? Let me know what you’s think!

  11. roaddoc Says:

    very very interesting, and here the whole time i thought i was having a reaction to the codeine since i love vicodin,percs,oc’s, morphine. now i know that i was taking too much t3’s.

  12. theformer Says:

    This may be a stupid question, but why is the cold water extract procedure needed for codeine? Does it make the effect stronger? I know there are some issues with acetominiphin (too much is bad for the liver), but is that the only reason?

    Thanks in adavnce

  13. bullsonparade Says:

    tylenol or acetominophen’s real bad for the liver yes, but it can also kill your liver instantly in high amounts, not just like an over time thing… plus people wanna shoot up the t3’s and you cant shoot acetominiphen b/c its poisonous intravenously.

  14. I so rock your socks... don't I? Says:

    Dude, that totally kicked ass. I love me some methadone. And I actually envy YOU for getting it cheap…. 😦 lol. There is a methadone clinic here where I live charges $13.50 a day to dose and after the first 30 days, you take a piss test, if it’s clean, then they give you a take home. You automatically get 30 mg’s to start out with, and you automatically get Sunday’s dose. They give you a choice between the 40mg disc’s or liquid. (I was reading previous blogs about how you wanted to go to a clinic.. lol). Totally worth it – I went for a while, didn’t have anything in my system but cocaine & they’re only supposed to give you 3 chances, and I got 5… stupid, I know.

    And as for going to Canada to get tylenol with codeine… I forgot all about getting those there!

    And for the guy/chick above me… you can have up to 4000mg’s of hydrocodone in your body *which if it’s 5’s, then that’s 8*.

    Thanks for the recipe… I’m pretty fucking sure it’ll come in handy one day.


  15. Nope...sorry Says:

    You can NOT have up to 4000mgs of hydrocodone in your body. You will die far before you come close to that. You’re thinking of the APAP.

  16. Nico Harrowin Says:

    i have 10 tylenol 3’s and i really would like to try the cold water method but am timid to try incase i destroy my product …. i’ve been an iv opiate user for five years and these were all the lousy dentist would give me … so if someone could guide me letting me know how much water to use and how to ensure i don’t ruin the product i would be MORE than grateful

  17. Shellfishepenogoat Says:

    I would also like some more info on the cold water method and how to use the end result. Anybody willing to help me with it send me an email with all the info you have. My email is my name above.

  18. enzo04 Says:

    Does anyone know if cold water extraction works for darvocets 5114 v’s ? And what they consist of ?

  19. satori Says:

    I wouldnt do a cold water extract on darvocets. Propoxpyhene can be quiet toxic in high doses.

  20. FiVeEiGhT Says:

    I have been trying the cold water extraction technic now for a couple of weeks, It seems to work well with 35 to 45 tablets of the Acetaminophen and Codiene tablets(8mg codiene), I end up with about 10 tablespoons or half a cup of the cloudy filtered liquid, I am unsure if I am doing it correctly but I do get a buzz which lasts about 30 to 45 mins after a drink it….
    Anyone got any tips on the preceedure?
    I assume I am doing it correctly.

    Mail me at fiftyeight at, Let me know your experiences.

  21. AozL Says:

    Hey, this is a respose to the question about fentanyl tea. Man fentanyl has a low solubility in water . I used to shoot those damned things back in the day . Anyway’s, Fentanyl can be made soluble in water by adding just a little vinegar. You can take a whole 100 mcg patch and shoot it in one shot and not feel a thing if its mixed in water .. sure after a few hours you might get a light nod but to hell with that. Here was my cook _ 8 shots out of a 100 mcg patch and everyone after the first will put you down. Put the gel in a small vial or empty pill bottle, add 7 – 8 cc’s of water , and about 40 – 45 units of vinegar . Nuke it in the microwave 10 seconds, stir and nuke again for about 6-8 seconds . Now its ready , you now have about 8 great shots… and this can be altered for any strength , just measure it right. The Same goes for eating the patches….. make the mix and then drink it .. you will three times the high from one 25 mcg patch that was made right than eating 2 100 mcg patches by themselves.. trust me.. I lived that life for 8 or 9 years . Enjoy 😉

  22. AozL Says:

    Oh and one more post from me & this one goes out to nikko and all thoise concerned with cold water extraction. You cant really lose your dope unless you spill it. At worst you still have everything in the glass/bowl etc.. just drink it if worse comes to worse. ALTHOUGH for you iv users out there, think “evaporation” You can vary the strength of your extractions by condensing the liquid through a speedy evaporation process. It takes some time but if you arent too impatient you could even get a shootable dose of medicine from a handful of hydrocodone or oxycodone pills which are otherwise un-bangable. Its possible to very slowly heat the liquid after its been seperated from the apap until it essentially boils down till the desired dose/measurement is reached , just dont get it too hot. and once again… enjoy;-)

  23. Elizabeth MD Says:

    Please think about what you are all doing. You are all dangerously experimenting with strong narcotics and what you don’t realize is that taking too much of hydrocodone, or morphine ie: the tea you are trying to make….can kill you. Google the term ‘hypoxic’ and read about it.
    I have seen many patients in the ER come in near comatose and many patients come in DOA, from the extractions you are all trying to do.
    You have no idea how much of the narcotic is getting into your body.
    Too much hydrocodone can kill you as can too much acetaminophen.
    I recently treated a 33 yr. old female who came in hypoxic. Now, she is learning how to tie her shoes all over again….she will be lucky to ever have brain mentality beyond that of a 4th grade level again.
    Please be careful

  24. T Says:

    I live near Buffalo; it is 20 minutes for me to go to Canada. Codeine/caffeine/acetominophen tablets are OTC. I am wondering if anyone knows how to split the caffeine out of the mix. I know petroleum ether is a posibility-any other ideas? It could be a very cheap source for codeine but the caffeine makes me sick-
    I know the cold water extration leaves the caffeien in.

  25. opposingforks Says:

    Is there an ideal coffee filter brand to use in the cold water extraction of codeine? Or… does anyone know where someone could buy some lab filters (I’m hesitant to steal some from the chemistry dept. at my college…). Thanks.

  26. The Subversive Mailman Says:

    I’ve been using the cold water extraction method for 10 years or so now with great success. One difference in my method is I only add about an oz. or two of water to 39 AC&C crushed tablets – let it filter a bit – then take that filter, wrap another filter around it, and tightly squeeze until I get almost all the liquid out. The second filter prevents the asprin mush from busting through the filter and into the drink. One question I have is why use hot water – then cool it down. I ususally just use cold water from the start. I figured why disolve both, then precipitate one out, when you can just dissolve all the codeine into the cold water and leave out the asprin to start with. Anyone know?

  27. niki Says:

    hey this is niki i have a qusestion…Do u have to cook up the 40mg methadone discs or is it better to take them orally..i have been clean for a month..i want to get high…i have 2 of them what should i do??

  28. bilbo Says:

    Is there a way to get pure hydrocodone into a powder after the CWE? I was thinking maybe boil all the water out of it, let me know if anyone knows. I want to put them into gelcaps and give them to people.

  29. freedom club Says:

    Niki DO NOT cook up methadone, it has near perfect oral bio-availability!

  30. Dr. Joe Says:

    You are not a doctor either, so do not pretend like you know what you are talking about. Heroine has many serious and dangerous side effects that most other opioids do not have. There is a very good reason why heroine is illegal. Drugs that are even more lipid soluble, like hydromorphone, are perfectly legal. Soooo, it’s not the strength of heroine that makes it illegal. It is its dangerous and health destroying side effects. For example, a long-term user will experience deteriorating effects on the heart, kidneys, the brain, teeth, and more.

  31. Cubfan Says:


    Tried this approx:
    8 shots out of a 100 mcg patch and everyone after the first will put you down. Put the gel in a small vial or empty pill bottle, add 7 – 8 cc’s of water , and about 40 – 45 units of vinegar . Nuke it in the microwave 10 seconds, stir and nuke again for about 6-8 seconds . Now its ready , you now have about 8 great shots

    great info, this would be my way of choice been lookin

    But, i had a 50 and used 4-5cc’s but still used 45 cc vinegar. nuked for about 8 then shook and about 5 more. I’ve searched all over to find the best way to try this, just water, jemon juice, liquor. Tried the lemon juice, this method seems way better than any other. my only question would be do you think it would alter the potency heating it without the gel then adding it at the end and dissolving? You seem to be very knowledegable on this subject. just wondered if you thought nuking affected it.

    1)Have you ever heard of heating saline (few seconds in mic) in a 1/2 oz nostrilla bottle(or any kind of nasal decongestant spritzer). Then adding the gel and inhaling it? seems to be the most common method around here, never seen it anywhere else though. Any ideas to make that way better?
    2)Read somewhere that this guy swore by letting it dry on a plate or spoon then scraping into a bowl and smoking, said he was way higher and most conservative. Or even dripped on foil and chased, what do you think?

  32. paregoric kid Says:

    hey “joe” I am a doctor and if you are a doctor you should at least learn how to spell HEROIN. heroin is just glorified/demonized morphine. it crosses the BBB more efficiently than morphine and a faster acting form of morphine is very useful in some medical conditions. I agree with the UK and other countries that still prescribe diamorphine. long term users of pharmaceutical grade diamorphine will experience no ill effects other than dependency comparable to morphine. there is a ton of evidence that shows adulterants sometimes used to cut street heroin can be harmful, however, pure diamorphine itself is no worse than other opioids. street heroin is only “dangerous” because it is not allowed to be sold in a free market and the result of creating a black market for it is that street heroin is sold in forms where the buyer can’t be sure of the quality and quantity of actual heroin they are getting. if we lived in a free society people would be able to buy pure heroin very cheap and they would know exactly how much they are getting and what the inactive ingredients are.

  33. Dr. Joe Says:

    I agree with you about the black market effects on HEROIN (whose *accidental* misspelling, btw, has NOTHING to do with being a doctor). Anyway, yes, you are right about the low quality of street heroin as the cause of many of its long-term effects.

    But if you look at the history of opioids, there are some good reasons why heroin was made illegal. Because of its really high lipid solubility (and thanks for your little 1st year explanation of what high lipid solubility means)… anyway, bec of its really high lipid solubility, many users of the then-legal heroin became addicted faster, abused more, and ruined their lives more frequently. You had the classic case of an apathetic and doped up patient, weak, cachectic, and wasting his life on the heroine…. [oh, oops, I misspelled it again by mistake, but i’m gonna leave it as is, just for fun’s sake].

    Now, whether or not the politicians are correct in making it illegal, what is the need of reviving such a historical taboo if you have strong analgesics in usage already like morphine. In fact, fentanyl and hydromorphone are very comparable to heroin.

    In my opinion, opiates are an extremely powerful group of drugs. They have such great medical uses as powerful analgesics. however, they are extremely dangerous as well. As you know, their abuse potential and habit forming risks are worth keeping the tight control. Anything other than a few days of pain management can have a significant effect on the body’s immune system and acid-base management. Macrophage and lymphocyte proliferation, differentiation, and migration are all diminished. respiratory acidosis is also a serious risk. Furthermore, long term use ends up actually worsening pain and causing depression, both further throwing the patient deeper into addiction and increasing the risk of an even more painful withdrawal or a fatal overdose.

    And again, this is just my opinion… any doctor who gets so excited over opiates and participates in regular recreational use of such drugs is a danger to his patients.

    This was written with all due respect.

  34. Dr. Joe Says:

    That little blurb was not as complete as it could have been, so don’t write a response saying i can’t be a dr. bec didn’t mention all the beneficial and harmful effects of opiates. I know my pharm and physio, but I’m not writing a medical review book here. 😀

  35. Dr. Joe Says:

    and I accidentally said “in usage” instead of “in use”… just let it go, no need for insults

  36. David Says:

    I think Im in some major trouble…..
    For the last 6 months, I was Rx’ed 40mg of Oxycontin 2 times a day and 5mg/500 Hydrocodone for “breakthrough” pain.

    Since I am out of town for the last two weeks, I have run out of my Oxycontin and as soem of you know. You cant have that Rx called in to a pharmacy. You MUST have the paper Rx in hand.

    So I have really been eating a lot of the Hydro’s. I did a rough count and for the last 5 days I have been taking about 8,000mg of APAP a day!
    NOWHERE did my Dr. or any papers with my scripts tell me the limit as to how much APA a human is supposed to take.
    So Im really worried. I drink about 4-5 liters of water everyday, so Im hoping that helps flush my system out.

    Also, I havent had any bad efects that APAP overdose is said to bring. Like vomiting, the runs or yellow eyes/skin.

    Im going to cut down my APA intake tomorrow to less that 4,000mg a day. But do you think my liver is shot now?

  37. paregoric kid Says:

    there are many potential benefits for allowing heroin to be prescribed. everyone reacts differently to certain medications and it is useful for many people. not to mention it is much cheaper and easier to make than drugs such as fentanyl and others. the government does not have a constitutional leg to stand on regarding its control over the drug market, whether it be restricting medical or recreational uses. by regulating and interfering in the free market they give monopolies on SOME drugs to doctors and prevent people from CHOOSING to treat themselves or through unlicensed practitioners. they are also restricting the freedom of doctors to decide what medicines they are aloud to prescribe to their patients. I would trust a doctor’s knowledge over the government. the government doesn’t always know best and the only fair and free solution is to allow consumers to CHOOSE what is best for them. people will become addicts whether or not the drugs are illegal, it only creates more criminals. even if you could prove that opiates/opioids were damaging to your health that is no reason to make criminals out of the people who use or sell them. the overwhelming evidence shows that dependency to opiates/opioids is not generally damaging to a users health, the benefits outweigh the problem of dependency, look at many chronic pain patients and addicts who maintain a dependency for almost a lifetime and live long full pain free lives.

  38. Dr. Joe Says:


    what do u do for a living? i highly doubt u’re a doctor, you sound like a retard. if u are a doctor i bet you BARELY passed your boards and u’re doing family practice or pediatrics or psychiatry or something like htat… but if i had to guess, u work at a best buy and you’re addicted to pain killers.

    last post … forever… bye

  39. Dr. Joe Says:

    P.S. I’m gay

  40. wanna grow up to be a debaser Says:

    alright, i understand the basic chemistry of cold water extraction, but before i drink this cloudy white shit, i want to be sure on a few things:
    1. is the water mostly codeine over paracetamol?
    2. is there anyway to be sure that the codeine and the paracetamol have separated properly?
    3. what is the lethal dose of codeine?
    4. what’s the half-life of codeine?

  41. ukcodeinekid Says:

    lethal dose of codeine depends on tolerance and body chemistry. i have seen it estimated from 400mg-800mg.half life is about two hours i think. be wary with CWE i dont think Paracetamol is as insoluable as Aspirin. I have tried it a couple of times using 20-30 co-codamols and a coffee filter. the codeine is clear when soluble so any cloudiness i would guess is residue Paracetamol. I

  42. macp Says:


  43. ophead Says:

    maybe someone can exspain how can 1or2oz of water or( 30ml/40ml)dissolve 40 tabs. please help! I won’t to try to cold water about 12 tabs at first how much water should I use?and sxspain process THANK YOU!

  44. jon Says:

    why would you wear the fentanyl patches man? i used to squeeze out the gel onto tin foil and smoke it. holy fucking shit…that stuff is godly. i cant do it anymore though, i get way too out of control.

  45. paregoric kid Says:

    the mylan generic fentanyl patches don’t have gel.

  46. Jim Stone Says:

    Legalites, Health Concerns, and Principles

    While I know from experience that the odds aren’t good when one flirts with disaster 1) I vehemently disagree with the allegation that heroin, at least in pharmacological form, has any greater deleterious side-effects than any other opiate and certainly fewer and less severe than that of many drugs/medicines presently legal and some even advertised on TV. Vioxx comes to mind immediately but consider that Ginger Baker, “Cream’s” precision drummer shot street heroin for over 30 years uninterrupted and daily and is alive and functioning at a considerable level for a man over 70. He runs an orchard based large farm and still plays admirably well and with gusto in a 3-piece hard rock band. You have to ask yourself what might be his condition if he ate 5 x 200mg acetominophen tablets daily for over 30 years, or drank legal alcohol, or any number of calculated risk choices. Countries that have legalized heroin for medical purposes have not exerienced these “side effects” and instead have many patients who have returned to a productive life once their souls were no longer poisoned by insidious chronic pain. It’s interesting to me that the British are one such country who has managed to rise above te old “stiff upper lip and Brandy for breakfast” mentality while we in the US are still saddled with such ridiculous macho stoicism regarding pain… or should I add “at least the pain of others.”

    As things are the greatest risk is getting accurate information or rather NOT getting it since illegality and public smear campaigns serve to stifle much of informed discourse. Repeatedly it has been shown that politicians, including presidents, kings, etc etc have scrapped legitimate testing rials on various subjects but especially drugs and told scientists to essentially “cook” the procedures to get the “desirable” results. There are good books and TV shows, even on The History Channel and Discovery science and health affiliates, even those with very consrvative ideas in some areas but must admit the basic histotical fact that in virtually every case, laws have been brought to bear against substances based almost entirely on racism and class fear. Hell, that model even applies to ”pornography” which basically didn’t even exist as a concept until mant stuffed-shirt “noblemen” of Queen Victotria’s court pondered the need to prevent those classes and races of “lesser mind” that would surely be driven insane with lust to rape their wives, sisters and mothers while of course such things would’t affect the “noble” mind in such a ptimitive and base way. Much like the sex scandals that seem to catch those most vocal against perversions in this republican/religious right regime for which we are so embarassed here in America. This is a pattern. There is nothing really new under the sun especially when it comes to human behaviour.

    So I must ask Dr Joe, with all due respect, the same question Yuri Kasparov recently asked Bill Maher during a superbly intelectual and succint repartee when Bill stated “Russians in general love overly strong leaders (paraphrasing here) as evidenced by Putin’s numbers in the polls…” where Kasparov interjected to Bill and I query to you and anyone else buying the partyline, “How would you know in a police state? Where any regime has such basically unopposed control over the media, how do you know what is true?” Incidentally and coincidentally he further blasted racism, nationalism and all other forms of condescending collectivism by pointing out the night and day differences between North Korea and South Korea, both of the same race (for anyone who still believes in any division beyond ‘the human race – nd all essentially out of Africa) and nationality but diametrically opposed in ever so may ways. That difference is both a condemnation of totalitarian states and shining example of the value of democracy and a free market

    In principle no government should have the right to legislate private morality. It is worthy of note that there was no such thing as nationwide organized crime in America until Prohibition. When all crooks had to work with was gambling, hookers, kidnapping and petty crime there was no need to have connections in other states or nations. The so-called War on Drugs is just an extension of that where risk creates value, creates profits, which then fold back on itself corrupting legislation, law enforcement and the entire judicial and penal system. Even if we discover that some good has actually come from such a dangerous boodoggle, it is surely vastly outweighed by the insidious harm it was wreaked on all levels of society even if we don’t bother to add the saddest casualty, the public trust.

    That said, for all you out there or in here “experimenting” or dabbling in “recreational” use I plead with you to doubt everything. Do serious research as much as is possible and repeatedly ask yourself if the “juice is worth the squeeze” because the choice is not at all casual or trivial. Just trying to save someone else caught in the grasp of real emotional addiction (and BTW there is a distinct difference between “dependance” and “addiction” and it is more than merely functional though that is sufficient) can utterly destroy lives. That risk does exist especially in the present social, medical, and legal climate such as exists here in the US

    Now maybe if we could all just move on from Puritannical sexual mores we might have the effective option to get high on Tantric Sex. I wonder what governments and churches will do once someone invents simple wireless electronic devices that directly stimulates brain chemistry? Outlaw batterries?

  47. back pain guy Says:

    I found this blog interesting in a somewhat morbid way.. hehe. Was looking for info on hydrocodone without acetominophen. I don’t use my meds for fun. I do take them for really bad back pain, which is not fun at all. Not gonna preach but I hope you kitchen table physicians are careful with that chemistry stuff. Well it’s your business.

    But to my point:

    What I don’t like about hydrocodone APAP is the acetominophen. Just as it does nothing for you pleasure-seekers’ “entertainments”, It doesn’t do anything for me pain wise, and I consider it a poison. Hell it is a poison.

    While I am not about to try any extraction or disobey what my doctor tells me to take, I wish I could be prescribed a hydrocodone without acetominophen. Just a straight 7.5 or 10mg. I think my doctor won’t do it because then it goes from schedule III to schedule II. Maybe it’s not even available in the USA. I did ask him for the lowest acetominophen dose, gave the resons why, and he was actually pleased that I took the time to find out about the medicines I take. (among others atenolol triamterine and alprazolam) He prescribed 7.5/325’s for me. I take 2 to 4 per day when it’s bad back time. Many days I don’t take any.

    I will say that as long as I have insurance, I will refill each month the prescribed amount, and save the rest offsite (perfectly legal I expect). You never know if you can be laid off and lose the insurance. I take the oldest ones first, but I don’t think they go bad. I have been trashing any over 2 years old just in case. Am I wasting them to pitch them after 2 years?

  48. extreme user Says:


  49. Dr. Joe Says:

    I suck little boys penis while my dad does me in the ass

  50. Pillzie Says:

    Most of the posts in here sound like they were written by people I would totally love to be around frequently.

    I love CWE, can do it faster than just about anyone I know. I get my hands on all sorts of pills at amazing prices (and some are even prescribed to me…no opiates though 😦 )

    Anywho, There needs to be a revolution. We could use the internet as a tool. Start a society whos purpose is to obtain and distribute these GOOD drugs to people who really like them but can’t get thier hands on them. We need to educate the CWE and other methods of adjusting pharmaceuticals.

    Everybody snort some xanax, drink some post extraction vicodin water, shoot some watered hydromorphine up your ass with a needless syringe!!!

    Whatever your beliefs; know this: The opiates are on this planet, and it seems pretty clear what we are supposed to do with them. Let’s start doin it BIG!!!

  51. Juicy on pk's Says:

    Does anyone know how to extract codeine from potassium diclofenac? Drugs like oxaforte (latin america and europe) contain 50mg/50mg, but it turns out too much of the naisd (potassium diclofenac) will really do harm to you.

    Thanks in advance for any good advice. And hydromorphone is the best rush in the world when banged.

  52. Juicy on pk's Says:

    back pain guy… don’t be a dick. If you are taking 2 norco 7.5’s a day than you shouldn’t worry about the tyenol. Leave this site for people who love to be addicted to shit. And I would ask your doctor to start prescribing norco 10’s for sure.

    p.s the closest thing you will find to pure hydrocodone is oxycontin 20mg taken twice daily (prn).

  53. Juicy on pk's Says:

    By the way… if you a separation funnel will do the trick if you have enough room in a freezer to fit it up right.

  54. Jogood Says:

    Dr Joe…you’re F@#king sick buddy … And for everyone’s info Heroin )in its pure lab form) is researched as the cleanest and most effective opiate ever producted… making it illegal has more to due with the way we are socially structured by the dominate classes in society…there will always be good and evil…our politians need it that way to have power and authority… Hey after all we live in a democratic society right…do we??????

  55. Jogood Says:

    Dr Joe…you’re F@#king sick buddy … And for everyone’s info Heroin (in its pure lab form) is researched as the cleanest and most effective opiate ever producted… making it illegal has more to do with the way we are socially structured by the dominate classes in society…there will always be good and evil…our politians need it that way to have power and authority… Hey after all we live in a democratic society right…do we??????

  56. Bodhi Says:

    I havea question. Here codeine is availle over the counter. It comes withe either diclofenac potasico, or acetominophen. It’s cheaper withe acetominophen, but as was mentioned acetominophen is poison, and is a worthless analgesic….I would never use it. The thing is all the info is about aspirin opr acetominophen/ I don;t want to do it with the acetominophen since unless it is 100% free of that garbage you are poisining yourself……..the thing is I don’t know if I can just use the same procedure for the diclofenac, or if itt has different solubility qualities/ I also use codeine for pain, I do enjopy the feeling sometimes, but you can’t really get enough in you to get “high”unless you can do the cold water extraction. I used to use morphine (I have some serious medical conditions, but I decided to stop and use codeine…..the thing is I can’t get pure codeine, ironically to “prevent abuse”, the reality is that codeine is even in high dosses, MUCH safer than the tylenol, and othe products they mix it with…Anyway I’m going to give it a shot, anyone with any information who could help out please do…….otherwise I’m a afraid I’ll have to go back to taking morphine, and I’d much prefer not to do that, but unless I can get these adulterants out…the morphime is just plain and simply a safer thimg to use, since with my tolerance, to get releif from the pain it requires putting a lot of unhealthy garbage in my system with codeine(acetominophen or diclofenac)…..So anyone whocan help me get the information I need as to if it’s possible to do with this product (as I said I won;t use acetominophen, because if you were to have impurities, to get the amount of codeine I use you culd potentially die, ironically not from the “evil narcotic codeine” bot from tylenol…that stuf is so hepotoxic, it;s amazing to me it;s still on the market, and to think that women are encouraged to give this poison to their young children if they get the sniffles or a fever, just makes my blood boil…..a company with any moral standards would have voluntarilly pulled tylenol from the markeyt years ago…but when lots of money is involved, integrity tends to go out the window……so they are directly responsible for thr deaths of thousands of people every year (many of whom are children whose mothers have no clue that tylenol is doses just a tiny bit higher than the “recommended” dose can destroy a childs liver, and many childrens nedicines have instructions that are anything but clear, especially fo such a dangerous product.) It’s ironic that the FDA bammed all childrens cough sytup with codeine in it, yet acetominophen in most peoples minds is entirelty safe………whnen the reality is for all intents and purposes the opposite, of course any drug can be dangerous…but if they gave kids codeine whne they felt sick, and outlawed tylenol…….literally thousands of lives would be saved (if not more)….but since codeine is a narcotic, people think it;s like giving a kid heroin, when in fact it is quite safe when used properly… pharacicts recommended codeine for my son for a bad cough when he was about 2 years old so how bad can it really be? She did, bless her heart explain to be VERY careful not to exceed the recommended dose, and she actually came right out and said that the tylenol that they add in the syrup is very dangerous at doses slightly above what is considered safe, and then said that as far as the other ingredients, they were very safe, but that a well meaning parent with an extra dose or two of tylenol, can easilly cause liver failure for their child.

    The laws are completely illogical, and it has a lot to do with politics….If I can separate my medicine (codeine) from the fillers and other “analgesics” that seem to me to have absolutely no effect on pain, I’ll be a happy person…If I can’t I’ll have to go back to injecting myse;f 3 times a day with morphine………so if anyone can give me some insight or point me to some pertinant information on the subject I will be VERY grateful

    BTW my e mail is

    Take care and if you decide to do this recreationally please be very, very careful ;=)

  57. bluray Says:

    if im reading this and other sites right then you say if you take more the 400mg of codeine you start to itch,well i took 7 30/500 of co-codamol and i started to itch,of course i got an effect that mellowed me out.i now been taking 4 tablets in a dose and i get an effect,so daily ill consume 8 tablets gonna try this extracting thing out.

    is there anything on amitripyline?

  58. eylsium Says:

    Well this is a very interesting blog. I have a hard time getting ahold of any of this stuff, someone here able to help me out?

  59. chris Says:

    you guys are killin me, I think I better do an MS contin and Methadone. lol

  60. zsshoema Says:

    How can I get high??? I have been on methadone for some time now – it is my first stint. I’ve used junk for 9 years, not to mention other opiates – I still get 150/mo 10/325 percocets. I take these with the methadone, but can not get high. I am on 4 discs a day, that is 160mg for those of you not familiar. Some days I double, will take 300mgs and I still don’t get high – what the fuck I love weed with my methadone, but that’ll drop me dirty. I know when I drop, so I only have a few days a month I can smoke. What can I do the rest of the time.

  61. zsshoema Says:

    BTW I just used the CWE for the first time and I did 10 10s then 10 more then 10 more – thats 300mgs of oxy, if I tried to eat that many I would have puked from the poison, but still not high- done it multiple times, don’t fuck with the acet (or APAP). Is the methadone blocking my opiod receptors or what. I know about that shit. Before the methadone I tried suboxone for about 2 months. One day my friend got some shit that was better than pulp fiction -$400/g – 1/16 would put anybody down, it probably would kill some, and I usually shoot 2-3 papers at once, anyway I shot one and then learned what suboxone actually does – OMG, somehow it makes you sick – yes dopesick, when you use while your on it

  62. Ninja Says:

    I have been doing CWE on Oxycodone/acetominophe(Percocet) and it works great. All I do is put a few pils in a glass, put enough water in the glass to cover the pills and let it dissolve. Every once in a while stir the pills to help them dissolve. Take a nice shirt with a fine woven texture and place over another glass, push it down a little into the glass. Pour the water with the dissolved pills into the second glass. Squeeze all the water out and there you go. DRINK UP. It work very well.

  63. CODEIN Says:

    Can you really take 10 T3s at once?? I have no tolerance

  64. GM Says:

    You can get pure oxycodone, my doctor use to give me 10mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain along with oxycontin.

    It was just a small white pill like a baby aspirin and it was pure oxycodone, because NSAIDs and tylenol bugged my stomach.

    I don’t take the stuff anymore.

  65. triggerfish Says:

    Please have your testosterone levels checked if you use any of the opiates for a long period of time. It can affect your heart, mood and other vital functions. Testim is a gel that can be applied to the upper arms. It helps bring your hormone levels back up to normal levels. Stay healthy all.

  66. blade Says:

    can the large 4-way white round methadone 1/4s (10mill) be disolved & shot up?

  67. blade Says:

    i see the last date is feb. 2008 hope your all still with us need to hear from you

  68. big johnson Says:

    hey i am in in canada, if you anyone needs help with getting codeine, email me!

  69. MadMartDnB Says:

    hello all im from UK and im on duragesic patches for continus back pain (called durogesic in the UK) they are 50mcg an hour and i also get the 12 mcg paatches. what i want to know is why do they contain more fentanyl than is released over 3 days? For Example the 50mcg patches from the uk contain 8.4 milligrams per patch hav heard us 1’s only contain 5 milligrams ! is that right??? !!! But ive worked it out that on average they should release roughly 1 milligram every 20 hours going on the basis that there is 1000mcg in a milligram!!! as im sure u can add up that does not make any sense at all so in therey they shud still have 4-4.4 milligrams left in them when you take it off 72-80 hours later and throw them away Anybody know why this is the case??? i get 10 50’s and 10 12mcg patches a month so im putin on 20 patches in 30 days dont seem high enuff dose to me cause im also on methadone 24ml diazepam10mg cyclizine 150mg and nitrazepam10 at night and i take 200mg msts usually at least 1 at night sometimes twice a day hav been getting them for 3 years now 30quid for 15 tablets!!! 3000mg!!!good eh? I not had any cause of the wheather dam 40cm of snow in bout 2 dayz i not been able to get any of my guy cant travel 10 miles and back! dr wont currently issue me wiv msts. Also the patches i get dont contain any gel in them im sure that they dont whats a good excuse to ask my doctor for the other ones that contain the gel ! help please some one want the gel patches so i can smoke sum when needed for instant pain releif have never even seen a gel based patch dam crappy matrix patches thank you in advance guyz PEACE

  70. MadMartDnB Says:

    im in pain and withdrawing from morphine mst’s and want instant releif have put an extra 2 patches on but still no good hav heard u can put them under ur tounge does that work and how much shud i do? can easily dose 1mg by cutting a 12mcg patch in half as they contain 2.1 milligrams n when i cut em in half no gel or liquid escapes whats a good excuse for me to get the other patches??? what are there brand name the gel based ones? im not sure but it ent durogesic!!! Thats A Fact!!! pls helpppppppppppppppppppppppppp 😦 gonna build a spliff and hope sum 1 answers me 😦 pls help sum 1 i know nothing about them patches dont even know what 62 mcg an hour is eqilivant in morphine cirtanly dont feel like any more than a 100mg of morphine released over 24 hours !!! have heard fentanyl is 80 times more concentrated than morphine !????! dont think thats quite right maybe when injected but not when used as intended!!! more like 20-40 times maybe!!

  71. 2010 in review « The Sick Life Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was February 9th with 89 views. The most popular post that day was Cold Water Extraction. […]

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